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Who -n- what am I..
  • I am Kalani Nishimura, origonally of the Hawaiian Islands, known as "Kauai Style" on the world wide web.
    UPDATE! I now live in Rock Creek, OR which is a little town about 12 milez west of downtown Portland, Oregon. It is also known as "Silicon forest", some-thing similar to "Silicon Valley in San Jose', CA. Kauai Style means being laid back, care-free, juss' hangin' in -n- hangin' out. I've done quite a few different thingz here in my lifetime so far. This is a list of a few:
  • This is a slide show picture(z) of me, (right of page) they will fade into each other, if you watch it for a little while.
  • You can check out my Slide show which is automated. I have 18 picturez of various colour shotz, -n- vijeo capturez I takun recently frum placez I have been.
  • New!  web-site.  My "electronique scrap-book"  a lot of pictures here of me.
    The best MIDI filez in the hawaiian kingdom
  • One of my main featurez is my Midi Creations which is check out by midi enthusiasts all over the world. It has Hawaiian midi filez found no-where else on the world wide web but here! I made all theze MIDI filez, jazz, hawaiian, populer -n- semi-classical tha's on that page. I been playing keyboards, pianos for 35 yearz, but only been doing Midi stuff for 6 years now

  • I'ma also on ICQ - registration #4352042
  • I have other things that might be fun on this site: centipedo java game, playable java piano. The only requirement is that your browser is java enabled.
  • I got some test vijeo here:
    test vijeo #2 (quick speech) 2.03 megz file size
    test vijeo #6 (me playing key-board) 2.22 megz file size
    Kauai Style Photo Album
  • I have a Photo Album here. I have pictures I tooked of Kauai way back in 1978. Also, there are some pictures of me, scenic places I've beened to. As you might notice, I'ma well traveled person. Also check the Recent Pictures section. All pictures are from 2000 - 2001. I made a trip back to kauai in the last winter. New, I have, new kauai style photo album
    Portland, OR Weather
    <-- The current temperature -n- conditionz of portland, oregon. If you see the temp b-low 50F which happens a lot during winter - spring, I probably be freezin' my bunz off! I have a digital thermometer outside the house, outside the car. Knowing the temperature @ all times is very important. Remember .. water freezes @ 33F/0.5C in the republic of Oregon!
    Honolulu, HI Weather
    <-- The current temperature -n-conditions of honolulu, hawai'i. The temperature usually never exceeds 95F or drops below 55F.

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